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Deschampsia - Nature Based Self Care

Sacred Smoke Kit

Sacred Smoke Kit

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We thoughtfully created our Sacred Smoke Kit to introduce the modern, discerning human to a few of many of the incarnations of Sacred Smoke. 

This kit is a wonderful introduction for those who are unsure about how to begin forming a relationship with Sacred Smoke or would like to learn more about how to engage with plant spirit medicines in burnt offering form.

It is also appropriate for the "smoke-fluent" as a sampler of our goodies and makes a lovely gift!


We invite you to step onto the path of Cleansing, the path of Fire, the path of Sacred Smoke.


This kit comes beautifully wrapped in a recyclable/reusable box and includes


All of the products that we offer through our apothecary are reflective of the seasons. What this means is that due to seasonal availability and sustainable collection practices, items in this kit will be rotated with similar items from time to time and only a limited quantity of each iteration will be available.

We only really make micro-batches of our goodies fresh at the peak of any given season. So once we run out we have to wait until the next appropriate harvest window in order to make it again.  For example, the hydrosol may be exchanged for a different seasonal hydrosol or we will create a new incense blend. 

While this goes against most modern economic expectations of getting what you want wherever and whenever you want, we are proud to operate our apothecary as a reflection of the seasons.

The granite tray and metal censer are not included in the kit.

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