About Us


Deschampsia is a nature-to-bottle apothecary that specializes in making organic and wild-foraged personal care and perfumery products. Deschampsia was created in 2018 by Seattle artist, ecologist, and herbalist Jonathan Deschamps with the desire to connect people with the plants, landscape, and self-care traditions lost in the shuffle of our modern lifestyles.



It's well known that the healthiest diet is made from complete foods which are minimally processed and never exposed to harmful pesticides or petrochemical preservatives. We believe the same should be true of the products we expose our bodies to on a daily basis.
Deschampsia brings together the techniques and traditions found in ancient perfumery, contemporary PNW ecology, and American herbalism. Our holistic and sustainable self-care products are hand-crafted without the use of industrial extracts, harsh preservatives, or excessive waste. We emphasize the use of whole plants from pure organic-grown and wild-foraged seed-to-bottle sourcing. We represent and support a more resilient relationship between our everyday rituals and a thriving planet.
Simply put, we want to bring the knowledge and experience of Nature Based Self Care to the benefit of conscious and discerning individuals.​



That’s why we’re dedicated to using the most pure ingredients available.  We use herbs either collected from wild places, those we've grown ourselves without pesticides, or have sourced from farms which use organic practices.
We never use any parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, or dyes in our products. We create natural recipes which don't require these chemicals in order to increase their shelf life or market appeal.
We use old-fashioned time honored methods to harvest, distill, extract, and craft for you the best that nature has to offer.
We're proud of what we do and we're grateful for all the beautiful nature and for everyone in supporting us upon this journey.