Deschampsia - Nature Based Self Care

Small-batch skincare, bath, perfumery, and self-care treasures crafted from wild-foraged, homegrown, and organic farmed botanicals.

We believe in the power of plants. For thousands of years humans have looked to the earth for food, medicine, and fiber and in this deep ancient connection with mother nature, we have discovered that plants have the amazing capacity to nourish our whole self.

Deschampsia brings together the techniques and traditions found in ancient perfumery, classical alchemy, and American herbalism to hand-craft holistic and sustainable self-care products that don't contain any of the harsh chemicals found in many modern goods.

  • Micro-Batch Botanical Soap

    We use only organic plant-based oils & essential oil.

    100% recycled waste free packaging. Free from SLS (and its variants), artificial colors, dyes, and other nasty ingredients.

    Scrub & Clean 
  • Copper Alembic Distilled Hydrosol

    Our hydrosols are distilled drop-by-drop. We alchemically transform botanicals in our hand-hammered copper alembic still. 

    Refresh, restore, and ritualize your every day with us.

    Revitalize & Hydrate 
  • Ethical + Harmonized Aromatics

    From plant-spirits-in-a-bottle, to Sacred Smoke, to forest bathing at home, we thoughtfully curate wild and holistic aromatics for the modern and conscionable individual.

    Forest Bathe & Chill 
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