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Sacred Resin Rollers

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Organic wildcrafted herbs roses yarrow douglas fir chamomile herbalism deschampsia self care skin care bath body natural perfumery

Pure Sourced Whole-Herbs

Organic + Wildcrafted


Clean + Simple

copper alembic still distillation hydrosols spiritum botanica herbalism alchemy preindustrial self care skin care bath body herbalism deschampsia wildcrafts Seattle Mock Orange flowers

Artisanal + Handcrafted

Head-to-Toe Self Care

Fresh from the Still!

We distill all of our own small-batch hydrosols using a handmade copper alembic still according to traditional pre-industrialized practices. We proudly bring you the highest quality, time-tested, and honored botanical essences crafted in-house drop-by-drop from plant-to-bottle.

Deschampsia - Nature Based Self Care

Cooling Cucumber Mint & Fireweed Hydrosol

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