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the path of fire. the path of cleansing.

Sacred Smoke Kit

step onto the path
copper alembic still distillation hydrosols spiritum botanica herbalism alchemy preindustrial self care skin care bath body herbalism deschampsia wildcrafts Seattle Mock Orange flowers

Artisanal + Handcrafted

Head-to-Toe Self Care


Resin Rollers

Anoint + Uplift!


Clean + Simple

Organic wildcrafted herbs roses yarrow douglas fir chamomile herbalism deschampsia self care skin care bath body natural perfumery

Pure Sourced Whole-Herbs

Organic + Wildcrafted

Fresh from the Still!

We distill all of our own small-batch hydrosols using a handmade copper alembic still according to traditional pre-industrialized practices. We proudly bring you the highest quality, time-tested, and honored botanical essences crafted in-house drop-by-drop from plant-to-bottle.

Deschampsia - Nature Based Self Care

Frankincense (Boswellia dalzielii) Essential Oil **Limited Edition

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