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Deschampsia - Nature Based Self Care

Wild-Collected + Hand Wrapped Smudge Bundle

Wild-Collected + Hand Wrapped Smudge Bundle

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Each bundle is sustainably wild foraged in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State and hand-tied with organic hemp cord. We only have a limited number of these to offer.

Due to regional availability, most of our bundles are cedar-based. However, we occasionally offer other mixtures or bases. 

Western Red Cedar smudge bundles are rich in aromatic oils that are best lit over a candle. The sacred smoke released from its leaves carries with it the rich sweet fragrance of a pacific northwest coniferous forest.

For thousands of years, Western Red Cedar Smudge has commonly been used by indigenous people during ceremonies and prayers. Use it to remove negative energy, and to focus your intention. Soothing, calming, and excellent for centering yourself - before, or after, a long day out in the mundane world.


-Always respectfully hand-collected by ourselves.

-Priority collection to naturally felled/donated plants

-We always check in with plant and ask for permission to collect for making spirit medicine

-Traditional offerings of song, prayer, tobacco, or area cleanup (of garbage or invasive species)

-We make sure to be in a good place while wrapping: praying, sending positive/uplifting intentions into bundles, asking for blessings for those who burn and use the bundle, etc


-All smudge bundles are pre-weighed. However, each bundle is unique in appearance.

Caution: Do not let smudge burn unattended. This may create an unnecessary danger that could result in a fire.

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