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Foraging with friends, checking in...

Go To Post     Foraging with friends, checking in with the Cascade Mountains, and all of the many plant allies we work with everyday here at Deschampsia. It is a true gift to call this one of our work environments and we love being able to share these treasures with other lovely folks such as yourself. Each time we go to the mountains we are reminded of why we do this work.

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Our Deschampsia roots have been...

Go To Post     Our Deschampsia roots have been deep in it! It has been a minute since we posted - hope you all have been well! We have been busy at the Wallingford and Ballard Farmer's Markets, foraging, and crafting like mad herbalists. We are currently working on releasing some new and exciting seasonal products on our website as well as announcing a rewards program for all you beautiful folks. Be on the lookout for some more detailed updates on our email subscribers list. Thats all for now. Thanks! Pictured: wild-foraged sitka valerian roots

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New seasonal hydrosol drop coming...

New seasonal hydrosol drop coming soon... Hint** Here's a peep inside our copper alembic still. We think it's dreamy. Love all you beautiful people. If you are in Seattle come by the Wallingford (Wed) and Ballard (Sun) Farmers Markets and say "Hi!" we provide self care consultation and all your organic + wild-foraged skincare, bath, body, natural perfumery, and incense goods. Also online #herbalalchemy #herbalarts #aromaticarts #aromaticmedicine #hydrosol #hydrosols #codistillation #wildcraftedskincare #organicapothecary #pnwherbalist #plantsarepowerful #wildcraftedherbs #sacredscents #seattlemaker #whatforagersdo #herbalenergetics #distillation #distilling #essentialoils #makinghydrosols #copperalembicstill

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This year's Desert Magic infusion...

This year's Desert Magic infusion is ready to be filtered. We made this incredibly fragrant blend from wild foraged purple sage, western mugwort, bigleaf sagebrush, yarrow flower, and resin from the arrowleaf balsamroot infused in an organic blend of apricot kernel, pumpkin seed, grape seed, and jojoba oils. Scent notes: sage / dusty / okra / hay / balsam / vintage leather We collected these herbs fresh last May in the Eastern Washington drylands. Then we dried them out of direct sunlight before blending them and combing with organic plant oils. After about a month of cold maceration -- a process that involves daily agitation combined with prayer and good intention -- this blend is ready to be separated from...

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Who are We and How did We Get Here?

Hey folks, Jezabel here. Some of you may have met us in-person through markets, some through recommendations, others from Instagram and Clubhouse. As we reach more diverse audiences outside the Greater Seattle area (into places as far as Australia and Finland!), we realize that we would do well to formally introduce ourselves.

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