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Hope from the Flowers : Addressing Systemic Trauma in Uncertain Times

We've been through a lot together in the past few months: viruses, economic transformation, government lockdowns, and  social unrest.  One of the big reasons why we've been quiet on our mailing list, blog, and social media recently is because we want to make space for other voices to be heard. We wanted to take the time to reflect on what's going on. We feel now is a good time to check in with the Deschampsia community to let you know where we stand within the larger picture of what's happening in the world  and how we can be of support to the community. 

We first want to acknowledge that we live in a country that was founded in racism and oppression by way of theft of land and enslavement of human beings.
This has always been and continues to be present in the institutions that feign to serve us as a people.

On individual and societal levels, we are all processing a lot of new information- we are doing a lot of mental and emotional labor to keep up with everything that's going on. 

We just want to say whether you are confronting personal/collective trauma, societal programing, or systemic racism--  we're here to support you in your journey to do that difficult work. We're not here to tell you what that looks like- because as individuals, that means something different to each of us. 

On some days, it may seem like our hearts are too tired to keep beating, but below the surface, we're all doing  so much.

When the world feels like it is too much and we aren't sure where we begin or end, few things bring more peace, grounding, and clarity than spending time with our plant companions. Whether it's tending to house plants, in a city park, a backyard, or a distant mountain forest--plants are constantly giving themselves to us.

We are a reflection of nature and every plant shares a gift and a message. Each of us brings something distinct and irreplaceable to this world- perhaps your gift is jumping into action, giving support, soothing a weary heart, perhaps it's protective or restful. Each of us carries a gift, and that gift is medicine. 

As a small business, we do everything we can to ensure that our choices don't perpetuate environmental, individual, social, or spiritual degradation in this world. We have the privilege to be selective of sourcing, methods, and practices by which we operate. 

We're transparent about our practices and philosophies-we believe this is what sets us apart from contemporary skin and body care makers, and perfumers. We welcome reflection in our practices and hope that this is clear to the community. 

One of our goals is to live in the sacred and ancient connection between plants and people. A connection that feeds our bodies and our whole self. A hope that it will continue to live within us and perhaps more importantly--in future generations. 

Plants have always provided, nurtured, healed, lifted our spirits, and recharged our tired minds, hearts, and bodies in amazing ways we rarely make conscious. 

In moving forward, we declare that we choose LOVE and INCLUSION over FEAR and EXCLUSION! We will do everything we can to promote awareness, understanding, and wholeness in this world. 

Please let us know how we can support you on your journey- we don't believe in a single solution for a diverse community made up of individuals with differing needs. We are here to offer accessible nature-based resources for self-care.

 From our hearts to yours

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So nicely said. And greatly appreciated. We do have to challenge ourselves and each other with kindness and respect. Staying connected with nature sure does help that! Thank you for your ethic, thoughtfulness, and how those are reflected in your products and your business practice.


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