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Ultimate Self-Care Kit

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This luxurious self-care kit is everything you could ask for. It includes customer-favorites as well as essential items.

Dreamy Rose Bath Soak:

This is by far one of our best-selling goodies.

What's not to love about a dark, yet sensuously sweet smelling bath that not only relaxes a tired soul but also soothes sore muscles?


Botanical Rescue Balm:

Weary hands worry no longer- simply massage onto dry, worn, and overworked skin (works great for elbows, cracked heels, etc) and let the plants work their magic. This balm is wonderfully gentle and restorative.


Restorative Hair & Scalp Elixir:

We incorporate one of the most ancient plants that exist in this formulation: horsetail. Horsetail is naturally high in cell-strengthening silica, which plays a vital role in growing healthy hair and skin.

Use it as an alternative to conditioner and/or to gently smooth out hair while imparting a beautiful, clean sheen.


Harmonizing Botanical Serum:

Our unique blend of nourishing botanicals is unparalleled. We take anti-inflammatory plants- naturally packed with antioxidants- and use time to help us craft a perfect serum.

Each batch takes several weeks of maceration (herbal steeping) before it is ready to be bottled. The end result is a hydrating, yet light oil that doubles as both moisturizer and serum.


Douglas Fir Hydrosol:

This hydrosol is walk in the woods after a rainstorm, the deepest inhale of crisp + wild air. We sustainably wildcraft douglas fir tips to bring the wilderness experience to you.

Through micro-batch distillation, we have successfully captured the citrusy nature of douglas fir paired with the rich humus scent of the forest.

Each batch takes 3+ days to emulate the best of the Pacific Northwest- as always, made with love, just for you.


Botanical Lip Balm:

Our Botanical Lip Balm is made from an incredibly rich blend of five organic + wildcrafted herbs then macerated (herbal steeping) in five organic oils and butters for several weeks.

The end result is a potent lip balm oozing in antioxidants and essential fatty acids- which nourish, protect, and restore tired lips back to a fabulous lustre.

As a delicious bonus, we combined pink grapefruit and peppermint essential oils, leaving your lips feeling fresh and nourished.



You're welcome to take a peek at each of the individual listings (hyperlinked), but we wanted to share some tidbits here on why we love this curated kit.



We at Deschampsia want to step away from the heavily-marketed idea of "skin types".

We acknowledge the uniqueness of each person's skin and see that skin can change from day to day based on what we eat, hormone shifts, stress levels, environment, aging, and more.

We are observers of nature and we see that the wildnerness rarely exhibits homogeneity- meaning that nature is ever-changing and exists in diverse ways.

We welcome you in joining us in this radical perspective- it could just change the way you see yourself, others, and the world. You are an ever-changing being that is allowed to exist outside of industry standards + definitions.