Botanical Skincare Kit - Deschampsia - Nature Based Self Care
Botanical Skincare Kit - Deschampsia - Nature Based Self Care
Botanical Skincare Kit - Deschampsia - Nature Based Self Care
Botanical Skincare Kit - Deschampsia - Nature Based Self Care

Botanical Skincare Kit

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Clean up your beauty routine with our Botanical Skincare Kit. This is the perfect introduction for anyone interested in detoxing their lifestyle and transitioning towards a gentler skincare practice. Everything is handmade the slow way using all organic + wild-foraged skin-loving whole plant ingredients.

No preservatives, no fillers, no weird chemicals, no artificial anything, just pure nature based goodness.

For daily skin maintenance, moisturize and tone with our Botanical SerumCucumber Mint & Fireweed Hydrosol spray. Then for real skin-gains use our Turmeric & Rosehip Face Mask weekly to improve the overall feel and resiliency.

Harmonizing Botanical Serum - handcrafted in small batches using a luxurious blend of organic plant oils infused with skin-beneficial whole botanicals rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. We think of this as "super food for your skin" and acts as both a moisturizer and a serum all-in-one. Our Botanical Serum provides deep moisture, promotes healthy skin growth, and circulation--reducing redness and keeping skin looking young with all natural non-toxic pure ingredients. This serum absorbs easily into the skin without any associated greasiness and will not clog pores.

Cucumber Mint & Fireweed Hydrosol - Cooling, fresh, and oh so soothing. Distilled in house using our very own fresh home-grown mint, organic locally grown cucumbers, and wild foraged fireweed. This blend is excellent for balancing the pH of skin, reducing redness, cooling, moistening, and tightening tissues. It also makes a great pick-me-up at times when we need a little extra focus.

Turmeric & Rosehip Face Mask - This synergistic plant-powered herbal face mask does wonders to soften, gently exfoliate, calm, and revitalize tired skin. This all-natural mask is formulated to remove impurities from the skin, brighten, tone, and provide a rich dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help promote healthy cellular function. This mask is extra gentle, meaning that it does not draw oils out of the skin as aggressively as clay-based masks. It is well suited for ALL skin types including sensitive, dry, and problematic. 


See individual product listings for ingredients and additional details.



We at Deschampsia want to step away from the heavily-marketed idea of "skin types".

We acknowledge the uniqueness of each person's skin and see that skin can change from day to day based on what we eat, hormone shifts, stress levels, environment, aging, and more.

We are observers of nature and we see that the wildnerness rarely exhibits homogeneity- meaning that nature is ever-changing and exists in diverse ways.

We welcome you in joining us in this radical perspective- it could just change the way you see yourself, others, and the world. You are an ever-changing being that is allowed to exist outside of industry standards + definitions.