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Douglas Fir Smudge Sticks - Deschampsia - Nature Based Self Care

Douglas Fir Smudge Sticks

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Douglas Fir smudge sticks are rich in thick aromatic oils that light easily when introduced to a flame. The sacred smoke released from these sticks carries with it the crisp and uplifting fragrance of the Cascade Mountain Forests. 

Use it to remove negative energy, and to focus your intention. Soothing, calming, and excellent for centering yourself - before, or after, a long day out in the mundane world. 

We are reminded of "forest bathing" and feel more grounded when we burn this sacred smoke offering- it's the perfect way to invoke the fresh forest air into your everyday.


Scent: Fresh PNW forest/ citrus/ deep balsam/ earthy humus
Spiritual Uses: spiritual decongestion / energizing / revitalization
Archetypal Motif: immortality & resilience
Origin: Pacific Northwest
 Cascade Mountains


Caution: Do not let smudge burn unattended. This may create an unnecessary danger that could result in a fire.