Speaking Lands Ritual Smudge **Limited Edition - Deschampsia
Speaking Lands Ritual Smudge **Limited Edition - Deschampsia
Speaking Lands Ritual Smudge **Limited Edition - Deschampsia
Speaking Lands Ritual Smudge **Limited Edition - Deschampsia

Speaking Lands Ritual Smudge **Limited Edition

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The land itself has a voice and one of the ways it speaks to us is through the ancient language of its plants. Scent, in particular, is one of the most important mediums by which plants directly communicate. It is through these volatile molecules, cast into the air, that the messages of the plant kingdom travel between one another, to the hummingbird, honeybee, and human alike.

Our Speaking Lands Ritual Smudge is made from the bark, 

leaves, flowers, resins, roots, and woods of more than ten species of native North American, sustainably foraged sacred aromatic plant species. Including such plants as western red cedar, big leaf sagebrush, osha, copal, and alligator juniper.

Scent notes: sweet forest air, balsam amber, desert sage, dry-cured juniper wood, and spicy green - complex/multifaceted/changes with time.

The majority of incense sold around the world has its origins in the Middle East and Asia where vast trade routes, industries, and many kingdoms have come and gone since it's inception. These ancient aromatic industries still flourish today, though it's former glory is somewhat diminished due to the effects of overharvesting, the availability of inexpensive artificial substitutions, and hyperbolic globalization.

Our Speaking Lands Ritual Smudge is something different altogether. It invokes the spirit and rich abundance of this land which we're in direct relationship with. It calls out to the wilder parts of the self, it puts us in communion, and pays respect to those who have lived upon this land before us.


Smudge of this kind is commonly burned, pinch-by-pinch, on a piece of charcoal. The rich fragrant smoke is made mostly of the air element, which acts as a fluid network that connects all life on the planet that carries respiration, scent, sound vibrations, the flight of birds, spiders, and seeds. In this way, the smoke is used to send prayers and intentions into the world. The Mayansqq called the fragrant smoke "the food of the gods".

Bathing oneself, an object, or one's home in this smoke, is a traditional way to clear negative energies/entities, draw in positive ones, and provide spiritual protection. Smudge it out! Using native plants for this purpose is the best way to draw upon and communicate with the native spirits of this land. In doing so we build a stronger personal connection with our local environment.

We also highly recommend using this smudge with an electric incense burner which will not combust the herbs but instead will gently vaporize them, bringing out subtler scent notes, reducing the amount of smoke, and increasing its use by more than ten times.

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