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Hope from the Flowers : Addressing Systemic Trauma in Uncertain Times

We've been through a lot together in the past few months: viruses, economic transformation, government lockdowns, and  social unrest.  One of the big reasons why we've been quiet on our mailing list, blog, and social media recently is because we want to make space for other voices to be heard. We wanted to take the time to reflect on what's going on. We feel now is a good time to check in with the Deschampsia community to let you know where we stand within the larger picture of what's happening in the world  and how we can be of support to the community.  We first want to acknowledge that we live in a country that was founded in racism and...

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Nature Based Self Care : Holistic Perspectives, Pure Sourcing, and Whole Plants

In our last blog, we took a brief look at some of the most common toxins found in modern industrialized self-care products. We also gave a list of some of the primary ingredients which we are committed to never using in our own products. This time around, I would like us to dive a little deeper into the ingredients, sourcing, practices, and philosophies which make Deschampsia special.

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