Deschampsia apothecary herbal infusion

This year's Desert Magic infusion...

This year's Desert Magic infusion is ready to be filtered. We made this incredibly fragrant blend from wild foraged purple sage, western mugwort, bigleaf sagebrush, yarrow flower, and resin from the arrowleaf balsamroot infused in an organic blend of apricot kernel, pumpkin seed, grape seed, and jojoba oils.

Scent notes: sage / dusty / okra / hay / balsam / vintage leather

We collected these herbs fresh last May in the Eastern Washington drylands. Then we dried them out of direct sunlight before blending them and combing with organic plant oils. After about a month of cold maceration -- a process that involves daily agitation combined with prayer and good intention -- this blend is ready to be separated from its mother herb. It is now fragrant and saturated with powerful plant medicines. This blend is versatile and will benefit various skin conditions and daily nourishment. It will also be perfect as an anointing oil or grounding-stone for the anxious. Many of these herbs are highly associated with purification - the dispelling of what is unwanted. Which sometimes means bringing one to action. When we use this oil we are brought into connection with those sacred wild lands from which this medicine comes from.

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