Nature Based Self Care Tip...

Nature Based Self Care Tip...

Go To Post     Nature Based Self Care Tip of the day... Mountains make wonderful therapists. They are infinitely patient, non-judgemental, and excellent listeners--plus they don't charge a dime and are always available. The main downside is that they don't always make house calls unless they happen to be in your hood.

As two rather empathic creatures, it would be very hard to imagine what our mental health would look like without having cultivated our own rather intimate personal relationships with the mountains, tough we could easily replace "mountains" with oceans, deserts, or any other natural spaces. Spending time in nature helps to reset our physical, mental, and spiritual sensibilities. To restore balance in head, heart and body. When we remove ourselves from our highly congested urban environment and into a wilder more open space - we are better able to distinguish ourselves from our environment. This is important if we want to understand how best to focus our efforts.

After about 72 hours in wild nature, our thought structures change as we tune into the patterns of night and day, and the surrounding biota. Our thoughts start to reflect these cycles. Connecting phenomenon with context. Forming whole pictures versus the linear parts we encounter regularly within highly rationalized urban settings. Highly rationalized environments tend to create imbalances of the head and the head is a tool for separating, this is why people in cities often feel isolated from each other. This is also why we tend to feel incomplete and not as whole complete beings. Too much time in our mind can give a sense of separation from one's own body and/or heart. The phrase : "cold rationalist" comes to mind. The cities are a product of extreme rationalism and it only makes sense that the people who navigate them must also use extreme rationalism in order for them to function.

That's it for now! We hope you enjoyed this little mental wander. You are all powerful and beautiful! Thanks for supporting our work🌹 💚!

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